Tuesday, April 28, 2009

330: Marcus' Xtracycle

Update on my Xtracyle... love the ape handlebars... have to get monkey electric lights now

329: Scott's Xtracycle

Scott's Xtracycle.
Rad riding -- almost -- in the Swiss Alps.

Monday, April 27, 2009

328: Raphael's Xtracycle

Hi, i send you some photos of my xtracyle from
France (make your choice ;-). It's based on a iron 28" frame; I changed the rear wheel for a 26" with big apple tire, shimano nexus 8 speed and roller brake (with a picture to show how i've blocked the brake lever).
Your site is great, as the xtracycle is !!!

Best regards,

Donor bike

327: Trailhead Coffee Roasters Xtracycle

Trailhead’s delivery truck.
(Photo © Dan Liu)

Here is the pitch ... wish I lived in Portland so I could try them out!!

Trailhead Coffee Roasters offers artisan coffees that are hand-roasted in small batches. We are committed to sustainability, community and supporting the women farmers who grow our specialty-grade organic coffees.

All of our coffees are Fair Trade Organic and sourced from the
Café Femenino Coop.

From campsite to café, Trailhead Coffee Roasters delivers the perfect cup.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

326: Mike's Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Mike G of neatbikeshop.blogspot.com

Mike runs the NEAT Bicycle Company which is an alternative bicycle sales and frame building business in The Lakes Region of Maine. Check it out, especially if you are in the Maine area and are in the market for a cargo bike.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

325: Big Woody

An amazing specimen.

324: Moment of Inertia's Mixte Xtracycle 2.0

Here is Maynard's story as recounted to SOMA Cycles (in praise of their new Mixte, the Buena Vista). It sounds like many Xtracycle owners!

I've got newer pics of the redo of my Xtracycle - this time with a stronger modern mixte frame by SOMA Fabrications, SF.

Months ago, as an expecting father, I'd wanted the Xtracycle Free Radical (along with the Xtracycle Pea Pod childseat unit), in conjunction with a mixte frame to be our grocery running child hauler. The idea here was that with the childseat on the back, I wouldn't want to kick my leg over the rear of the bike and unwantingly to kick my child in the face, but instead to step through the frame while the bike was loaded.

I'd shopped around for several step through's and mixtes, discovering that most modern frames were bland or ugly (with the exception to a few, like the Gary Fisher Simple City), and that vintage ones were weak (my initial build was a Fuji S12S mixte) due to their lower grade steels and thinner tubing; causing too much flex when the Free Rad was loaded. Most of the stronger ones (Reynolds or Columbus quality) were harder to come by used. Other retro modern frames like the Rivendell mixte, Velo Orange or Ibisu were way out of my price range.

The BV (although a year later than expected) was just what I needed in terms of budget and quality of steel and rigidity. I had a (Reynolds) Double Cross that I could have used, but again, I wanted a frame that I could step through.

Now the bike sees weekly grocery duty, and as soon as my daughter can wear a helmet, I'll be shuttling her around town for doing daily activities and for hill rides.

Anyway, I hope this information is helpful. I think you created an awesome product and have tapped into (and revitalized) a niche where no other manufacturer has yet to enter.


See the original, #8 on Xtracycle Gallery.

See the whole set on Flickr, before after during.

323: Paul's Felt Xtracycle

Here's some pictures of my new Xtracycle.

The donor bike is a Felt Heritage Cruiser. I purchased the SUB kit from Xtracycle. I made some modifications to the Footsies so the height is adjustable and shortened the Magic carpet so I could mount the kid seat directly to the snap deck.

Best Regards,

Modified footsies!

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