Wednesday, October 29, 2008

156: Megan's Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Faster Panda Kill Kill

Some updates... new bars, fenders by Fast Boy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

155: Mike's Un-named Xtracycle

Hi very nice site. Attached our some pictures of my new love. Still trying to come up with a name. The second photo of the the deck was my attempt at a deck mod/art work, its my boys hand prints. They love riding to the store and school on it, in my attempt to go car-lite. Thanks for the great site.

Photos courtesy Mike Casey.

154: Clancy's Antelope Xtracycle

Photos courtesy Clancy Anderson.

Original Kona version

Sunday, October 26, 2008

153: Wergraph's Schwinn Xtracycle

'91 Schwinn MTB

Photo courtesy Frederick Lippens aka wergraph @ Antwerp Bike Experiment

Donor bike

152: Aust-Novella's Xtracycle

Xtracycle - full view
Originally uploaded by aust-novella

Saturday, October 25, 2008

151: Rusty's Milano Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Rusty Greer.

150: Girlonbike's LHT Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Girlonbike.

149: Cody's Xtrahopper

"1992 Specialized Rock Hopper Comp for $30 at thrift store. Took it to the shop, gave it a little love and it has been my friend ever since. Along came my Xtracycle. Xtracycle + Rock Hopper = Xtrahopper. big love"

Photo courtesy Cody Broken.

$30 donor bike.

148: Cody's Townie Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Cody Broken.

Friday, October 24, 2008

147: Joe's Big Dummy

Photo courtesy of Joe Stillwell (Olympia, WA).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

146: The Dreadnought

-NuVinci Continuously Variable rear hub
-Dual chainrings (46/34t)
-Front basket brazed on as a frame extension, for better handling and battering ram capability
-Sturney Archer front dynamo/drum brake hub
-Dual Bush & Muller LED headlights & tail lights
-Dual air horns to keep the drivers aware

Photos courtesy Val Kleitz who has spent 6 years on this steed, daily.

He writes:

It's a bit heavy, but it does everything I want, and cars fear it.

145: Paul's Surly 1x1 96r Xtracycle

Niner in the front sixer in the back, geared 1x1. Geared 1x1?

Photos courtesy Paul Emerson at Greater than Cars.

More fun bike pix from Paul can be found here.

144: Phatty

Commuting 40km a day as well as shopping runs, from Seaford, Victoria Australia.

Photos courtesy Anne Jovi.

Plus Huggies.

143: John (in) Denver's Xtracycle

Country road, take me home on a sweet Bianchi Milano.

Photo courtesy John Aydelotte, in Denver.

142: Sean's Xtracycle

this is my are some specs...
- mid-90's mongoose steel mtb frame and fork
- nexus 7-sp with drum brake
- tommiselli motorcycle brake levers
- skull skates 4130 handlebars
- battery operated skull LED lights front and back
- full fenders
this bike is by far the heaviest machine i have ever built - but so much fun to ride!

Photos courtesy Sean Carter.

Monday, October 20, 2008

141: Eliza

Simply gorgeous.

Photo courtesy Aubree Holliman.

140: Will's Big Dummy

Note to Chevrolet. Instead of the Volt, maybe you should start making the next generation mini-van (pictured above).

Photos courtesy Will and Family.

139: Jim's Trudimobile

Photos courtesy Jim Hsu, and Trudi.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

138: Arnie's Townie Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Arnie Jacobsen.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

137: JavaJohn's Trek Xtracycle

Photos courtesy Javajohn66.

This is so cool I had to post it:

After three months of watching Craigslist the bike I was waiting for showed up, a Trek Multitrack. Not only that, it had never been ridden (I didn't believe it either until I went to see the bike). A young fellow was selling two Trek 720 Multitrack bicycles (17" and 19"). Apparently, his parents in a moment of fitness optimism went out a bought two new Trek cycles, brought them home from the shop, and never touched them. After several years of not riding the bike they asked their son to try and sell the bikes on Craigslist. I picked up the 19" bike as if it had rolled of the dealer showroom floor. Unused water bottle in holder, rack and rack bag (with tags still attached), and a Post-Modern seatpost. I HATE POST-MODERN seatposts!!! For the Xtracycle conversion, the PM seatpost will be the first to go.

137: Kipchoge's Tall Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Macpaulster.

136: Eco & Lil Friend's Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Macpaulster.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

135: Mike's Instigator Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Mr Biggs.

134: Jon's Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Jon Zeamon.

133: Bajrang

Photo courtesy Abhishek Mukherjee,

132: The Contraption

- '92 Kona Lava Dome donor frame

- Shimano Exage 500 drivetrain (well worn)
- Sun Rhyno Lite rims
- 14g Wheelsmith spokes

- 32h Shimano DH-3N70 dynamo front hub

- 36h Deore XT rear hub

- Avid SD7 v-brakes

- Avid SD5 levers

- Brooks B-17 saddle

- Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ Fly N Plus headlight (dynamo powered)

- Busch & Muller Lumotec D'Toplight XS taillight (dymamo powered)

- Large chrome bell from LBS (don't know brand)

Photo courtesy Surfimp.

131: Jens' Xtracycle

X built on NYC Bike Paperboy frame

Photo courtesy Jens Rasmussen.

130: Alex's Orange Long Bike

Photo courtesy Alex Knight (Switzerland) of CarrySure.

129: John's Folbot Xtracycle

My Xtracycle with a B@W 96A trailer carrying a Folbot kayak.

Photo courtesy John Lesar.

128: Troy's Xtracycle

My 475 mile per month commuter rig and ice cream gettin' kid taxi...

Photo courtesy Troy.

127: Josh's Pickup Truck Xtracycle


Rig details on his blog.

Photos courtesy Josh Lario (RJL20)... his site on Flickr.

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