Saturday, August 22, 2009

409: Gibby's New Xtracycle

Voila! My "new" Xtracycle. I replaced the old Bridgestone frame that I started with for #1 in the Gallery. The Bridgestone, while a classic, was a bit cramped, and could not sport the wide rubber and disk brakes on this baby. Plus, the eternal churn of the bike biz was taking it's toll... pretty hard to find parts that fit. They are out there but the selection is getting slim and most of the local shops around here have moved on. Parts gets dated so quickly and then pretty soon it's obsolete. Which is really a shame because the Bridgestone is such a great all around bike. For Bridgestone fans out there, never fear. It is still in the stable, but it in process of getting converted into a "friend ride."

The updated donor bike is a Kona Lava Dome, all steel. It has Avid BB7s (203 rear, 160 front), Schwalbe Big Apples and Nitto Albatross bars. The fork is Duke XC which will likely be replaced at some point for a rigid setup, probably a Surly 1x1. It came with the Kona so I'm going to try it for awhile. Who knows maybe I'll like it.

Some little technical hitches remain. The Big Apples are so big that the chain rubs in the largest cog while in the granny gear. At some point I'll need to switch out the bottom bracket for something wider to see if it helps, which it may not. For now, I've lost a gear... it is effectively a 7 speed. I'm sure I can make up the ratio in the front if it is really a problem. Again I'm going to ride it around a bunch and see how it feels.

The Xtracycle has been out of commission for a month or two now. I'm thrilled to have it back!! Can anyone relate??? :)

Happy trails folks,


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  1. I dig the orange rig! I had the same issue with chain rubbing the Big Apples (Matt's KMX #268), so I took the 14t from the cassette and moved it furthest in-board as a spacer, going from 8- to 7-speed but keeping the same gear range. Works fine.



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