Friday, September 11, 2009

Next generation medieval xtracycle bags

Hey homies,

Been slavin over the old walkin' foot stitching machine, and have these beauts to show for it. 

They are basically a takeoff on the stock xtracycle bags, but with heavier duty connection to the frame (2" webbing harness stitched and riveted to leather across the top, and stitched and riveted double straps on the bottom tensioners), custom pockets and deeper side-nets.

Materials from many trips:
  • Used leather from a mondo crafter's store in Durham, North Carolina
  • Old 3/4" 'pee-line' fire hose for trim
  • Firecamp p-cord for the netting drawcords
  • Silver buckles from a belt factory/sweatshop in the sketchy neighborhood on the outskirts of Guadalajara
  • Old fishing net scored from a crusty fisherman named 'Erby that I tracked down in Moss Landing.
Man, they are a lot of work!  I'd like to start selling them on Etsy, but these took the better part of 5 days to make.  Maybe batch production will simplify the process, but a big part of the work is just ripping out and repeating the topstitching when the machine ties loopy knots halfway down a row of stitching...

Anyhoo, I'll entertain custom orders from any of your most hip hipster friends, and will probably post these to after I have tested them out a bit.


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