Friday, July 30, 2010

512: Anon Xtracycle

Editors note: A great specimen. Who sent me this? It came through without a name.

511: Alex's Xtracycle

What happens when you get 5 mm of rain on Red Clay in South Australia. The extra clearance on my big dummy meant it was the only bike not stopped by the mud (Rohloff drive train helped too!)

Photo courtesy Alex
South Australia Ride 2009

Thursday, July 29, 2010

510: Nick's Xtracycle

My big monster X on a camping trip earlier this summer. Southern 'burbs to Red Wing MN.

Built around the orange Surly 1x1, free rad painted to match. I'm also running some Large Marges with Maxxis Hookworm 2.5. 26" in the front and 24" in the back with an 8 speed Alfine gearhub.

My other bikes are surely jealous.

Photo courtesy Nick

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

509: Erik's Xtracycle

So many uses for the XTC...had to pick up a pizza and the straps came through beautifully!

Photo courtesy Erik

508: Taylor's Xtracycle

First bike/camp trip with my daughter.

Photo courtesy Taylor

507: Emily's Xtracycle

Proudly built by my son when he was an apprentice bike mechanic so his old ma could bike to the grocery store. :-)

Photo courtesy Emily

506: John's Xtracycle

My 2009 Giant Rincon that I kept in the basement is now my favorite bike! I took all the good stuff off of my other bikes and put it on the Xtracycle.

Photo courtesy John

505: Reuben's Xtracycle

Big Dummy: our ultimate family travel bike.

Photo courtesy Reuben
Pedal Powered Family

504: Taylor's Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Taylor

503: Jason's Xtracycle

My 96 Trek 850 Xtracycle "Truk"

Photo courtesy Jason

502: Chika's Xtracycle

Kids+Portland,OR = Xtracycle fun!

501: Jen's Xtracycle

Why use the truck to take the tree to the Christmas Tree Drop Off site when you have the Xtracycle?!

Photo courtesy Jen

500: LongtailRider's Xtracycle

Old pic, but she's still fun as hell.

Photo courtesy Longtail

499: Oaklandxtra's Xtracycle

My X is my cargo bike. Sometimes my cargo is some of the neighborhood kids.

Photo courtesy Josh

498: Jody's Xtracycle

Photo courtesy jody

497: Elly Blue's Xtracycle

Kyrstin Westwind and her well-loved xtracycle. It's made smoothies, hauled her kid and hundreds of pounds of dog treats, and been all over Portland in all weather, always cheerful.

Photo courtesy Elly

496: ArcticX's Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Daryl

495: Eric's Xtracycle

Riding around in the rain at FolksFest '08!

Photo courtesy Eric

494: Jason's Xtracycle

A photo of The Packet Boat (my Xtracycle) in front of the New York State Capitol. I set the camera's white balance on my Down Low Glow lights, which caused the cool color of the photo.

Photo courtesy Jason Crane
The Jazz Session

493: Wendy's Xtracycle

Our Family bike "The Hog"

Photo courtesy Wendy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

492: Funki Planet's Xtracycle

Our kid carrier - AKA Slizzy

Photo courtesy Debi

Thursday, July 1, 2010

491: The talented Mr.E and his customized Surly Big Dummy

This island-dweller's initials should be DIY.

Super-nice guy, father of three, Mr. E has been asking me about El Tonto Grande for a while. After careful consideration, a test ride on my bike, and discussing such an investment with the wife, he placed an order for a Dummy of his own a month ago.

He rode it home a week and a half later, and has since been back to show me his mods. The light mount and the running boards are just the beginning.

This bike's primary role is minivan. Mr. E tells me he has little need to drive now.

More to come from this crafty dude.

Photo courtesy Cold Iron.

490: Sailorman007's Big Dummy

Twins in Switzerland ! Temps are too hot for some babies -- and the seats don't help.

The rear child seat is held on with four hose clamps -- don't tell mom.

Photo courtesy Sailorman007

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