Tuesday, August 24, 2010

518: Michelle's Xtracycle

I upgraded my xtracycle to the Soma Buena Vista mixte frame this year and love it! I own Urbanistic Tea & Bike Shop in Denver and do all of the store errands and deliveries with my xtracycle. If you see it parked out front come on in for a chat. FYI, the other owner rides a Big Dummy, we have been xtracycle groupies since 2003.

Photo courtesy michelle

517: Mark's Xtracycles

We're a two Xtracycle family. That's my Big Dummy in the foreground with my wife's Bianchi Milano/Xtracycle in the background. Her lovely bike deserves it's own post!

Photo courtesy Mark

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

516: Vaultbrad's Xtracycle

Hey there! I have an update for my previous entry of my Xtra-dale. I have changed a few things around on the bike and feel like I have it running just the way I'd like it to. This picture is the bike having just transported some of my pole vault poles to the track for practice. It worked great. What do you think?


Photo courtesy Bradley

Monday, August 9, 2010

515: Ben's Xtracycle

1980 67cm Schwinn Traveler, "The Mighty Schwinn" 50-34-24 x 14-38 (yes 38) gearing. Disk rear brake and both 26" and 700c 48h 140mm tandem rear wheels that I swap out depending on load and required gearing. Paul Components replaced with Surly front rack. Rear deck/fender made from .04" thick diamond plate Aluminum.

Photo courtesy Ben

514: Jon's Xtracycle

This is an update to my first post (#134). Here's a shot of the kids and I about to head out on an overnight bike camping trip.


Photo courtesy Jon Zeaman

513: Ko's Xtracycle

Hi! We are from Yokohama JAPAN!
all my family is on this bike!
my daughter kicks my ass sometimes...

Photo courtesy ko

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