Monday, November 22, 2010

523: Wombie's Xtracycle

Out of the box with an old MTB as donor :
+ DIY thin-loaders
+ back light screwed under the snapdesk
+ Big Apple tires / hub dynamo / nexus 7
then let's go !

Photo courtesy Marc

522: Jesse 's Xtracycle

Jesse out trail building in Jackson State Demonstration Forest. Trek 550 donor frame.

Second photo shows some split redwood bunks on Widow Maker.

Photo courtesy Jesse
Jackson State Demonstration Forest

521: Marc's Xtracycle

An old CrMo Italian bicycle upgraded with a freeradical kit (now easily available in Europe). Some adds-on, some lights and one less car...

More details here:

Photo courtesy Marc
the donor bike
the DIY small-loaders

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