Friday, September 28, 2012

538: Tipsy Bike Productions' AV Xtracycle

We can do 6+ hours of audio, video and visuals or 8+ hours without film projections. For more information on the project (including specs) visit Tipsy Bike Productions' Facebook Page.

Photo courtesy TK

Thursday, September 20, 2012

537: Jim's Cruiser Xtracycle

While in the process of converting my old (non vintage) single speed Schwinn Typhoon cruiser into an 8-speed (with Nexus internal gear coaster brake hub), I happened upon an opportunity to buy a used FreeRadical, and decided to include that as well. I planned to do a rattle can paint job on the frame and FreeRadical, but while test-fitting I noticed that the color of the FreeRadical was very close the silver color of the two-tone Schwinn, so I left them both as-is. Sporting some cushy Schwalbe Big Apple (rear) and Super Moto (front) tires, it's a fun neighborhood cruiser. I put the racks and cargo bags on it occasionally for trips to the grocery store, but usually ride it around as-is... and get more thumbs-up and shouts of "Cool Bike!" than this attention-avoiding person would like. I bought an aftermarket Nexus bar-end shifter from JTEK Engineering for it, but didn't have a long enough shift cable handy, so I mounted it on a Minoura light mount that's attached to the top tube... shifts like my childhood best friend's old Schwinn 5-speed that I was always envious of. Someday, perhaps, I'll add an 8-ball on a longer shift lever to it.

Photo courtesy Jim Woolfrey

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

536: Steve's Xtracycle

With the camping gear loaded (and it all fits in/on the Xtracycle), that's almost everything my son and I will need for a couple-few nights rail-trail mini-touring. My camping stuff is budget gear, which might not be very heavy but doesn't pack small... and the Hoodie swallows it up!

Photo courtesy Stephen Sammons


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