Saturday, May 30, 2009

Xtracycle Odds and Ends @ Maker Faire

Many Radishes floating around the Maker Faire, they appeared to be in service for the event. I was going to find out what the deal was but I was there early and had my son in tow. He's five and wanted to see the robots, play miniature golf and eat junk food so I didn't get to do a lot of "daddy stuff." I will followup and see what the deal was.

Here is the Xtracycle booth with a dandy 2 story rig.

Swank Big Dummy that I think was part of the Rock-the-Bike entourage. It was right next to the stage.

This appears to be a multi-person setup for pedal powering the Rock-the-Bike stage. Sadly I did not see it in action, it looks very cool.

Here are a couple of Mundos that they had set up for pedal power.

Here is a very nice looking sound system. Gotta get me one of these.

And lastly check this out. It is the "bike valet" for the Faire. Serious bike love going on here.

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