Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prototype Heavy Duty Freeradical

Photos of the new HD Freeradical design. Posted today on the Riding the Spine blog:

"...The fine folks at Xtracycle have just sent us the prototype of our dreams. It seems that inspired partially by our trip (rumor is that they showed our Arizona Trail Video to the design team to illustrate the level of strength and performance they were looking for. They are currently in the preproduction design/testing phase of aptly named Heavy Duty Freeradical. And we get to test one of the first..."

If you are like me, the first question that pops into your head is "well shucks how is it different?" Here is a side-by-side.

A few more shots here, here and here. Courtesy Joshua Miles Thayer.


  1. This is actually a modified version of a prototype. The Riding The Spine guys (specifically, Goat; I built a few frames for him, including the "Chupacabra" longtail he's currently riding) contacted me to help them add canti bosses to a FreeRadical, and I in turn contacted Joshua Thayer, of Miles Bicycles ( in San Francisco. In a long day of activity, he was able to add the bosses and also a clever cable stop to the frame - and I'm inclined to think he did a darn good job at it.

  2. Very cool! Next it will come with suspension!

  3. I want one! Where can I get one of these in the UK?...



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