Tuesday, December 29, 2009

462: John's Xtracycle

Trek 7500fx. Mostly Velo-Orange parts. New headset, Tourist bars, Model 8 seat, front fender, cork handgrips.

Photo courtesy John Tubbs.

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  1. a few other notes from John...
    stoker bar is a broom handle with BMX grips mounted with a recycled stem from the local bike coop. The beefy Tourguard tires are really tight on the rear clearance. I just finished a hack for a rear fender - Tie wrapped in a front 26" MTB PlanetBike fender on the rear. Nothing will fit all the way over the top so it starts just behind the peak of the wheel and extends down to the outside of rear of the xtracycle frame. I'll get some pix up of that on Flickr shortly.



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