Friday, May 21, 2010

487: Miguel's Xtracycle

Since I've sent my two kids chair version, I've changed the setup a little bit. The center of gravity was way too high, and they didn't like the chairs, because it restricted their movements (and they end up behaving worse)

So , I've cut a new snapdeck out of plywood, covered it with a bit of leather and some cushioning, bent some aluminium tubbing - and now they have reasonable security, they don't feel "tied down" and enjoy the trip much more! (it's also much more versatile, since I don't have to carry the two seats around, and the bike is always ready to carry them)

I also upgraded the front end, with a new fork, disc brake, and Alfine dynamo hub powering a B&M IQ Cyo R headlight and Toplight Line rearlight

Miguel B


  1. Love the mod on the flight me ideas for when grandkids get bigger.

  2. Perfect solution! Lightweight, cool looking and I reckon it will work too!
    Well done.

  3. I'm not sure if Miguel will see this post but I was wondering if maybe he would be interested in making one of these for me? I have looked at hours and hours of pics trying to find the best solution to keeping the kids secure and the bike streamline and I think this is best. I'd pay of name is Sarah Carey email is if your interested



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