Wednesday, December 3, 2008

235: Creamsycle Xtracycle

From Kevin @ Hiawatha:

I hate Olive Drab so had it powdercoated along with a set of rims.
I was going with that classic 70's Holdsworth look. For good weather, it is shod with a set of Schwalbe Fat Franks, giving it that "Creamsycle" look. The weather and the roads are getting a little slippery now so we moved to some more aggressive rubber.

It rides great and always gets a lot of attention. Biggest load so far is about 40 pounds of miscellaneous hardware. The deck is custom from a sheet of Birch Plywood.

Photos courtesy Hiawatha Cyclery.


  1. The deck - that's a nice customization on the deck. I love the saddle bag as well. What sort of bag is it?

  2. Per Kevin at Hiawatha...

    Hi john

    The bag is from the Minnehaha Bag Company. They are available at Hiawatha Cyclery or from them directly.





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