Sunday, January 4, 2009

261: Greg's Redline Xtracycle

Greetings, Grrsh.

So here's my contribution to the gallery. The donor bike was a Redline Monocog, but since I swapped the single gear for a nine speed cassette, I guess that makes it a Nonacog?

Pics are on my flickr photostream, here

-- Bike Frame Manufacturer: Redline

-- Model: Monacog 29er

-- Year: don't know, bought used.

-- Components: Alex DM 24 rims, Atom Lab Pimp hubs, Maxxis Hookworm tires, Shimano XTM761 Shift/Brake
Levers, SRAM 9 Speed Cassette, Truvativ Hussefelt Crankset w/Howitzer BB, Power Grips on generic platform pedals, Nitto Albatross Bars w/shellac'd cork grips, Brooks B67 Saddle, Hayes Mechanical Brakes, ESGE Fenders, WeeRide Kangaroo toptube seat.

-- Install Hangups: The 2.5" rear tire was too fat for the chain to hit the innermost cog, so a 2' tire was substituted. Redline fork had no eyelets for fender mounts, so P clamps and mirror hangers did the trick.

-- Tricks/Tips: Used original stem & straight bars for the seat clamp and stoker bars. Cut the bars down and used the extra stock for the
foot pegs.

-- Riding Characteristics: Heaviest bike ever ridden, but surprisingly smooth and stable.

-- Enjoyment Factor: high

-- Greatest Haul: Just completed the bike, so far the biggest load has been a 2 y.o. in the WeeRide and the wife on the back.


Photo courtesy Greg

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