Saturday, February 7, 2009

277: Tim's Xtracycle

The base bike is a 1996 Marin Larkspur that I have owned from new so the Freeradical is the 700C version. Disc specific forks with Avid BB7's were fitted before I got my longbike kit from Zaynan at Practical Cycles I have got the rear disc brake on order and, as budget allows, want to rebuild the front wheel with a dynohub and the rear wheel with an internally geared hub - probably the Alfine.

Installation wise it all went smoothly. The fap didn't fit in front of the chainstay bridge so I emailed Xtracycle and they confirmed that it was fine to fit it behind, that was the only issue.

I'm looking forward to cruising around Edinburgh on it this spring and will use it to transport my 2 young kids to nursery and the park!

Photos courtesy Timmy.


  1. Looks cool. I've recently bought an Xtracycle from Practical Cycles too, and I'm also based in Edinburgh. It'd be great to compare notes once my bike runs (just got the brakes, gears, mudguards, racks, go).

    yahoo dot co dot uk

  2. Looks like im the third person in Edinburgh to own an xtracycle. I wonder if theres more of us. We should all get together sometime for critical mass or something else.

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