Friday, February 20, 2009

293 & 294: David's Xtracycles

Photos courtesy David Parsons.

If you want the gory details of the thing, I bought the Trek in 1989 (from the now-demised OutSpoken in Chicago) and rode it as a bobtail touring bike until last fall, when I bought a free radical and (after surgery to shorten it to fit into the rear triangle) stretched it out.

It's not an ideal cargo bicycle -- it's much too short and twitchy for heavy loads -- but I think it's
pretty close to ideal for the sort of light shopping ( <=75 pounds) and randonneuring I do. The current configuration of the bicycle is:
  • 1989 Trek 1000 frame, fork, front wheel, brake levers, front brake, crankset [52/42], derailers.
  • Salsa delgrado rear wheel (with Shimano 13/15/17/20/24/29/34 cassette.)
  • Rivendell "Silver" friction shifters.
  • MKS touring pedals with Delta toeclips.
  • Tektro 556 rear brake.
  • Nitto Randonneur bars.
  • Brooks Professional saddle.
  • 28mm Vittoria Randonneur tires (which seem /really/ fat after many decades of 23mm and 25mm tires.)
  • El-cheapo Planet Bike 42mm full fenders.
(Editor's note: The Electra is not David's)

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