Wednesday, March 11, 2009

301: Steve's Big Dummy

I have been riding a Free Radical for the last year and just decided to "upgrade" to a BD.
  • Medium frame (12.74 pounds... did you know that?!? awesome.)
  • Mr Whirly cranks. 50-39-22. No, it doesn't work too well, but it can work. I'll probably switch to a bit larger granny.
  • Cane Creek 100 Headset
  • Thompson Seatpost and Stem
  • WTB Mountain Drop Bars
  • Cane Creek Levers
  • Silver Shifters
  • Brooks B17 Saddle
  • Avid BB&
  • Wheels still in the works (eventually a Schmidt SON)
  • Big Apple tires

Pic 3 was my first ride on it. Hauling a road bike pulling a BOB trailer. Worked like a charm.
It's ridden on a 12 mile one-way trip to work every day.

Photo courtesy Steve Wasmund
Bountiful, UT, USA, Earth


  1. Steve,

    How do you like the WTB Dirt Drops? I'm thinking about trying some out on my craigslist find. Everyone in my neck of the woods uses riser mtn bars. I've never riden an xtracycle and wonder if I'd have enough torque with the dirt drops for the hills.

    It looks great!


  2. short answer: i love the WTB mountain drops. i'm thinking of switching the wide riser bars on my SS 29er. lots of 'torque' when in the drops.

    that being said: i like riding with a low torso. this bike is mostly used for a 12 mile road commute. i really wanted a relatively aero position. a lot of people don't like being that low.

    flat bars probably make more sense, but if you like a road bike position, the mountain drops a very wide and quite comfortable.

    thanks and happy longbiking,



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