Friday, March 27, 2009

321: Charlotte the Xtracycle

Photo courtesy Katie F


Some great pictures and instructions on putting an Xtracycle on a roof rack, specifically how to adapt a Yakima roof rack for the purpose.


  1. So what did you use in your "final solution" ( chain sag fix? Very intriguing might have to try it myself to fix my similar issue.

  2. My final solution was an Xtracycle-specific idler made by TerraCycle ( I updated the explanation on the flickr photo to explain what it is and where I got it.

    I also have a detailed description of how it works here:

  3. PS - I am honestly surprised that Xtracycle doesn't sell something like this already to combat chain sag. Surely all Xtracycle-modified bikes must have this issue, and yet the company offers nothing in the kit to deal with it and no very helpful solutions on their web site.

  4. I've notice a few gaps in their product as well and have had to improvise a few "fixes." Including a try extension for the top of my car. They sell the whole deal but I didn't want to pay $100 for another bike tray when I could hack one together for a lot less (

  5. K,
    Thanks for your help. I just called Robert (and mentioned that you told me about them) and ordered the part. Can't wait to "get it on!" Looks like it's going to be a great niche market for them.
    Thanks again and cheers!

  6. How do your brakes work with your drop bars? Do you have to use a Travel Agent? I do and hate it.

  7. I updated the post with the blog link... :)



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