Friday, October 2, 2009

Update on #146: Val Kleitz "Rolling Jackass" Xtracycle

Val got his Xtracycle EARLY (first few months they were out) and put it on his "Rolling Jackass" cargo bike and has ridden with tons of stuff. He is also an early and well-known builder of centerstands (Rolling Jackass centerstands, of course) and has done many Xtracycle repairs, including referrals from the folks at Xtracycle.

Val is also an all-year cyclist in Seattle area and does long rides in jeans and work boots. Inspiration! You can e-mail him at and see his centerstands at

Val was originally featured as #146, striking fear into the hearts of drivers everywhere.

Beware the Dreadnought!

You can also catch Val on Flickr.

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