Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on #316

Becky was featured earlier this year as #316

Hi xtracycle guy:

I am already on your web site, but I thought I would send you a few pics of some new mods. I added some really nice handlebars that I got in Amsterdam (and attached to the snapdeck with some plumbing hardware) and a snapdeck pad with dingle-berries (which is what a friend of mine calls them).

Becki (and Monty)


  1. FYI - Becki (and Monty). You will most definitely want to rethink your home-made footsie idea of using PVC piping. If they get caught on anything or someone stands up on them or ... whatever, they will likely break. This is all good and dandy cause it was cheap, but here's the killer: PVC breaks and SHATTERS. What is left is very sharp ends that will likely eat someones ankles and more.

    Maybe pick up some ABS pipe or maybe even some 3/8" (i think that is the size) steel or aluminum tubing to slip in there.

    I'd hate to see anyone get hurt.

  2. I found the metal piping on from one of those portable gazebo things fits perfectly on mine. Pics will be up when I've finished the paint job etc....



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