Thursday, November 12, 2009

444: Colinus' Xtracycle

Hi, here is my Xtra, hope you enjoy them and publish to the blog!

- the snapdeck has eight leds inserted in the thickness, four red on the rear and four oranges on the sides, with 4 minutes standby function
- the snapdeck is rubber coated for non-slip loadings
- the two v-racks are wrapped with old inner tubes

And... I ride in Switzerland, Geneva (Europe), where there is not soooo mutch Xtracycles! For now I've only seen the #329 in the fields near my house.

A lot of fun, and my car looks terrified!

Have a sweet ride!



  1. Any more details on the Snapdeck LEDs? What power source? Do tell, you know we all want to copy you. Val

  2. Super interested in finding out how you worked the lED's into the snap deck!


  3. Hi!
    For all who are interested by the snapdeck leds:
    I plan to make a detailled instructable ( about this but not mutch time for the momment. So here is some info:
    - it runs from my shimano alfine front dynamo hub
    - the power and standby function is provided from my supernova E3 front light (
    - and a lot of fine woodworking to correctly insert the leds.

    I'll notify here when the instructable will be online.
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Hello to Genf,

    I'm from Austria and I wonder how you managed to make black v-racks...

    Greets Timo Vogel



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