Wednesday, November 25, 2009

449: Spy Photo -- 2010 Radish

Spotted at the 2009 SF Expo... the new 2010 Radish from Xtracycle.

This bad boy was perched atop the Xtracycle Airstream that was parked on the show floor.

The Xtracycle team tells me that this will be available mid 2010. It is slightly redesigned from the current Radish with a lower top bar to enable easier step throughs. Anyone who has ridden an Xtracycle loaded with groceries or kids can relate... getting your foot over a high top bar is tough. Great solution for the height challenged among us. :)

Some other tweaks as well, like an integrated chainguard on the front chain ring to help eliminate chain drops.

Watch for it at an LBS near you!

Madeline and Rick from Xtracycle


  1. Our 2009 Radish works well but darn, these are two improvements that we could really use. I have a particularly tough time swinging my leg over the top bar (my other bike is a step through) so need to get on before my kids do & yes, our chain has popped quite a few times. It did help to upgrade the derauiler. I will try not to covet the 2010 Radish...

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