Wednesday, October 22, 2008

143: John (in) Denver's Xtracycle

Country road, take me home on a sweet Bianchi Milano.

Photo courtesy John Aydelotte, in Denver.


  1. The front rack is made by Capricorn Cycles in Minneapolis -- I mail-ordered it from Hiawatha Cyclery (also in Minneapolis). I do the grocery shopping for a family of four with this bike, and it's one more place where I can put shopping items -- I've never yet had a situation where I didn't have enough room for what I'd bought.

    I originally wanted one of the racks Joseph Ahearne makes in Portland, but he's stopped making racks unless you buy a bike with it :-( This has worked well though. If I put a lot of weight on it, the front steering gets a bit squirrely -- I think that's due to the low amount of trail on the fork, but it hasn't been a huge factor so far.

    That rack most often gets used for a 12-pack!

  2. Thanks! Awesome bikes that guy makes. I totally love the Pacenti fork crowns! Totally bike porn.

    How much did you spend for the rack?

  3. IIRC it was $200. Not cheap, but I'll never need another one of those.



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