Wednesday, October 8, 2008

49: Another Jon Rollason Xtra

1997 Kona A'ha frame, On-One Carbon fork

Photo courtesy Jon Rollason. A fine backdrop.



  1. Yes, single chainring. The Kona A'ha was a production singlespeed, and there's no stop for a front mech. I never got around to organising either a bolt-on stop or an E-type mech, so just ran it with a 36T chainring.

    This was fine from a gearing point of view (although hard work obviously with big loads uphill) but is a very bad idea generally because with so much chain there is huge potential for it to get tangled in something if it gets thrown. On this conversion I eventually fitted a Kore device and a bash ring to keep it in place, a triple and a front mech is much better.

    Device picture here:


    Jon Rollason

  2. This ain't my idea, by I tried it, and it works well:

    I rigged a spring from the R. derailleur cage to the back of the Free Radical to maintain chain tension. Here's a pic:
    Pardon the cheapo-derailleur, but it works, and it soaks up chain like a sponge.



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