Sunday, October 5, 2008

26: Fast Boy's Xtra

From the telltale jog in the seat tube, it appears to be a Karate Monkey.

Photo courtesy Fast Boy Cycles, purveyor of delicious wooden fenders and many other things bike.

Here is another nice shot or three of the "pickup truck."


  1. These are the next best two photos of his of his Surly Karate Monkey Xtracycle: (since i can't post images in the comments the link for the image is before the linked description
    Carrying another bike in box
    Carrying LUMBER!

  2. HA! Great! Thanks for posting these.
    I largely blame xtracycle for my decent into the world of bikes. Faster Panda Kill Kill (of flickr) pointed them out to me once, and I got pretty obsessed. I thought, "these guys are idealist hippy dreamers.. where do I sign up?" I turned my SS KM mountain bike into one, because living in the city, I didn't really have anywhere to ride it as it was. Changed my life. Wow. Trips to the supermarket, to dinner with a friend on the back, to the hardware store, etc.. I can't really explain the rest of the transformation, but I know that's where it started. Now I build frames full time. Weird. Naturally, I will have to build myself a fast boy cargo bike at some point, but PROPS to xtra for an amazing product, and getting it all started.

  3. Once you get the Xtracycle bug you can't shake it. I love sharing mine with friends and family. People initially don't get it... then you let them ride it, you take them for a ride, or you let them ride with their kids and the light bulb goes on. Its a remarkable product and really goes to the heart of why people ride their bikes in the first place.



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