Friday, November 7, 2008

160: Julio's Yellow Xtra with A Sound System

Here are a few pictures of my custom built Trek. As you can see, I like this bike cuz I added a nice sound system to it, so I can listen to my favorite tunes as I pedal to the grocery store, my job, and fun trips to the beach. I also added a nice leather cushion on top of the snapdeck so that my passenger could sit in a nice comfortable seat. Here we go.
Guess what my favorite color is? Thanks for posting my bike up!!!

Photos courtesy Julio Alvarez.


  1. "Oh what a thing to do
    And it was all yellow!"

    Sweet ride!

  2. Dude I have found this post on google. Its very helpful for me. Thanks You are doing very very well job.

  3. Yellow is my favorate. Julio Give a best stuff in life.



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