Sunday, November 23, 2008

190: Sexy Xtracycle

Owner unknown...

Photo courtesy Aaron Goss of Aaron's Bicycle Repair in Seattle, WA, one of -- perhaps THE -- leading Xtracycle retailer, enthusiast and bicycle lifestylist of the Pacific Northwest.

6527 California AVE SW
Seattle, Washington 98136
(206) 938-9795

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  1. This bike is called Tigger Farhad. The costume designer was Ben Sarrazin (Yuba impressario); it was the first Xtracycle sound system bike that I know of, called the Salsa Cycle, inspired by a fruitless search for a Salsa club one night in San Fran. We said, "we have the crew, we just need the music". It inspired Fossil Fool to create the first soul cycle, and Rock the Bike was born...



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