Monday, November 10, 2008

173: Lifebike Prototype

Photo courtesy Mike Cobb, with the following note:

Lifebike prototype by Ross Evans, Nate Byerley,
Paul Freedman and me. I was co-designer and did all the sewing. This was presented at the 2003 International Police on Mountain Bikes Association Conference. Boston EMS tested it. Paul is currently shopping it around to other possible testers. Paul is the project and marketing manager - Paul is busy with other stuff!

Designed to have more capacity than any other EMS bike, with capacity for a full-featured defibrillator and a full-sized backboard. Search and Rescue, massive public festivals, stadiums, natural disaster: all environments for which the Lifebike was designed. Inside, modular velcro dividers help to organize and cushion the equipment and medical supplies. A collapsible tent pole with a marine beacon is erected and activated when the victim is reached, so additional help can find the site.


  1. Very cool! I've been asked to look into bikes for our department ( and this is a great idea.

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  3. send me your email and i'll get you in touch with the guys who built it

  4. I should add that this photo comes courtesy of Boston EMS.

  5. Not shown: a "Jump Bag" that replaces the snap deck. The Jump Bag is full of basic first aid, so that once the biking becomes impossible, the Jump Bag can be instantly deployed for on-foot scramble
    Ross Evans almost became an EMT, thankfully he invented and developed the Xtracycle instead. Although we all had independent thoughts about this project, this ins Ross Evan's baby.



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