Tuesday, November 25, 2008

232: Aaron's Xtra Tallbike

Photo used unfortunately without permission from the late Sheldon Brown. Aaron Goss sent me this link, with the following explanation:

I was the first to put an Xtracycle on a tallbike. I used my old Colnago because the frame was damaged. On the bottom is a Trek a customer gave me. The bikes are mechanically connected. We welded special brackets, but the frames are intact. Sheldon Brown took the picture from his wheelchair. He had a hard time walking towards the end. It was taken at Interbike 2006.

My friend, Kipchoge, co-founder of Xtracycle, was so inspired, he built one also. Actually he built 2. His is fun to ride, but mine is taller!

Aaron Goss Owner & Master Mechanic
Aaron's Bicycle Repair

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